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We are a team of traders, developers and analysts

All driven to tackle unique and challenging problems in capital markets and beyond. Ours is not just a high-tech platform, it is a growth platform for highly motivated people. Read more about us

Making the galaxy a more efficient place

We design, build and run our own stock trading platform.

Our analysts, developers, and traders work as one team to continuously improve how we trade. Finding a new predictive signal in data. Shaving a few milliseconds off our hot code path. Understanding a new behavioural pattern in the market. Deploying features and fixes a dozen times a day. Optimising, optimising, optimising. Learning from each other. We love getting better every day.

We’re hiring

We are always looking for ambitious people

We are a lean startup at heart. Everything you do here has immediate impact. We are not afraid to move quickly and give enormous responsibility to those who earn it by initiative and skill. While our technology is pretty good, our true wealth lies in our people.

Solve problems.
And not just any problems. What we do is unique, and your creativity must be on par. Prepare for the most challenging work of your career. And since you’re obsessed with growth, you wouldn’t settle for anything less.

Be proactive.
See something that could be done better? Say it. Better yet, make it happen. There are no bystanders on the team. Everyone gets stuff done.

The room is full of brilliant, kind people. Talk to them, never hesitate to ask for advice, and share what you learn in return. Talent is superlinear.

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