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We design, build
and run our own stock trading platform

Virtuous circle

All about teamwork

Analysts and researchers constantly optimise our trading strategies and look for new opportunities. Software engineers keep evolving our infrastructure for both offline analysis and online trading. Traders put all these tools and knowledge to use and come back with new ideas and market observations. We are all part of a virtuous circle of innovation and learning. Everyone shares the same language of trading, coding, and data.

Meet our all‑star team

We invent and implement stock trading strategies based on deep understanding of the market, clever mathematics, and solid software engineering. We are engineers, poker players, computer scientists, mathematicians … and foodies, squash players, hackers, swimmers, tinkerers, runners, whisky lovers, travellers, motorcyclists, golfers, skaters, gamers, rowers, photographers, piano players, philosophers, rock climbers, coffee addicts, and personal development freaks.

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