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Senior Developer


My favourite part of working at Quantlane development team is being a part of a community of bright minds that work hard on solving difficult problems. To give our brains time and fuel to regenerate, we also set time aside to meet and chat over lunch and coffee breaks during the day, and sometimes beer after work. The work is varied and challenging — maintaining an ever-evolving ecosystem of real-time services and microservices means that there’s always a lot to learn from others. A friendly and welcoming environment is a must for a team that strives to be smarter than the sum of its parts!

Senior Quant Analyst


What I like most about being a quant at Quantlane is the freedom you get to experiment and innovate. Don’t expect to be micromanaged. You get the opportunity to translate your ideas into practice and see the immediate impact of your work on the business. I also love working alongside a group of extremely bright people who are always willing to help or discuss whatever is on my mind. We operate on the principle of an idea meritocracy, and therefore individuals are encouraged to speak their mind at all times. At Quantlane, the best ideas win.

Senior Trader


I am happy that I can pursue a career in a field as competitive as trading. This should not come as a surprise, considering my background in gaming and poker. A probabilistic approach leads to winning in both of those activities, just as it does in trading, so the switch felt very natural to me. I have been interested in economics and financial markets since a young age, so when I started trading everything just fell into place. I have the best opportunity to improve by cooperating with people that have similar interests and I love the fact that I can directly apply my skills within the team.

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